Cooktown Barra Charters 

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Needs no introduction really, Cape York's iconic river fish.  We regularily land Barra approaching 1 metre in length.  On light gear in the mangroves you won't be short of adrenaline in your system.  Barramundi live in fresh water but move into saltwater estuaries for breeding each year.

Fishing Charters in Cooktown

Mangrove Jack 

Also know as the Mangrove Red Snapper, well known for their initial explosive run for cover resulting in many lost fish, and a few lures as well.  We often pick up a few Mangrove Jack whilst targetting Barramundi in the Endeavour River.  They are a great test of concentration and fishing ability.   Thomas will be looking over your shoulder offering advice, but the fishing is up to you. 

Fishing Charters in Cooktown

Spanish Mackerel 

Many people come to Cooktown just to target this iconic species.  Reknowned for their take and fighting ability. Also a fantastic table fish.  Every year several are taken by people fishing from the wharf in Cooktown,  Cooktown Barra Charters has a much higher hit rate that that!  


This is the fish that may fly fisherman come to Cooktown to target.  This one was taken on a Venom rod from  which is almost as much fun.  We are well set up for flyfishing off the foredeck of our boat, allowing unrestricted backcasting.  

Golden Trevally

Golden Trevally grow up to 37kg and 120 cm locally and on light gear can be a fight of the lifetime for many anglers.  They are heavy strong fish and seem to know how to use cover to break the line...  

Cooktown Fishing Charters